super strong air structures

The new pneumatic beam concept of Airlight Ldt. in close collaboration with prospective concepts solves the problem of load limitations of slender pneumatic structures. Tensairity, the registered trade mark is a word combination of tension, air and integrity. It is a hybrid technology between the airbeam and conventional beam structures. By this combination, the load bearing capacity of the airbeam can be improved by up to two orders of magnitude opening a large new field of applications for pneumatic structures. But still, it is an ultra light and deployable structure.

Pressure induced stability is common in nature as well. Turgor, the cell pressure in plants is with 5 to 10 bar remarkably high. Equisetum giganteum is an example for a turgor-stabilized system. It was shown that the structural Youngs modulus in the tangential direction of Equisetum giganteum decreases with decreasing turgor pressure and thus the bending stiffness of the plant decreases as well .

Source: airlight.bizAdded: 18 June 2008

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