Hydro Pulse Pulsatile Sinus System

Suffering from a sinus problem might be a minor problem for some,but one thing's for sure - it is very irritating to wake up to a runnynose all the time. Dr. Murray Grossan claims to have the solution tothe age-old problem, having successfully treated thousands of patientswith all degrees of sinusitis courtesy of his very own Hydro PulsePulsatile Sinus System. Touted to be the "œonly sinus/nasal irrigationsystem available that pulsates", the Hydro Pulse will send saline intothe nasal passages gently via a therapeutic rhythm. This groundbreakinginnovation has been shown to be more effective in treating chronicsinusitis and other respiratory maladies than other available methods.

According to Dr. Grossan, "The latest use for the Hydro Pulse is toadd certain medications directly into the saline solution, enablingpatients to deliver a far more concentrated dose than via the oralroute of antibiotics. My ultimate goal is to reduce the amount ofunnecessary antibiotics. The Hydro Pulse provides the best means foryour own natural immune system to take over and heal by loweringbacterial count and keeping the cilia moving."

Source: coolest-gadgets.comAdded: 14 April 2008

Tags: healthcare