Acustica wallcovering

Buying the best music system doesn't guarantee you a great audioexperience, nor does the expensive home theatre, which you purchased awhile ago. It all comes down to how the sound is taken in or bouncedback by the walls of the room. Acoustically designed walls and roomscan totally change the way you experience an auditory stimulus, in thiscase, music. With this in mind, Altera have launched the Acustica, asound engineered wall system. Acustica is meant to enhance your audioperception when you use Home movie or theatre rooms. The first thingthat you notice about Acustica is the futuristic design and thecolourful patterns. Acustia is made from layers of corian. You get anilluminated experience thanks to the many bulbs attached in thecavities. The soft translucent light provides for an etherealexperience while you enjoy your movie or music. The USP of Acusticabeing "elevation of human senses", it certainly lives up to it and thisis one such acoustic arrangement that will leave your guests wonderingif they entered a science fiction studio.

Source: bornrich.orgAdded: 15 July 2008