Foamed concrete

READYMIX foamed concrete is a highly workable, low-density material incorporating up to 50% entrained air. It is generally self-levelling, self-compacting and may be pumped. Risk of plastic shrinkage or settlement cracking is significantly lower than that of normal concrete. Foamed concrete is ideal for filling redundant voids such as disused fuel tanks, sewer systems, pipelines, and culverts -.particularly where access is difficult. It is a recognised medium for the reinstatement of temporary road trenches. Good thermal insulation properties make foamed concrete also suitable for sub-screeds and filling under-floor voids. Readymix foamed concrete has an entrained air content typically of between 10-50% -.dependent on production method and dosage. Dry densities are typically between 800 to 1600 kg/cubic metre. The material typically remains fluid for 2/3 hours after mixing with the foam (depending upon ambient conditions).

Source: 7 July 2006