Beer shampoo

What's your image of a winner? For many, it's a race winner on the podium happily spraying the admiring crowd with a shaken alcoholic beverage, or the giddy scene in the winning team's locker room after clinching victory - nothing spells "win!" like a beer shampoo!

Now you can party like a champion anytime, anywhere... well OK, in the confines of your shower at least. That's because the creative minds at Bandai have come up with Beer Shampoo. The concept is a winner too: all fun; no mess. Pour a beer over your head (or your friend's head) and get dirty & clean at the same time.

According to Bandai's press release, Beer Shampoo isn't pressurized and won't spurt out of the bottle when opened. To get the optimum mentos-in-Coke effect, you have to add water, shake, and let fly with the foam.

Source: inventorspot.comAdded: 2 December 2008