MBT Antishoe

In the early 1990s, Swiss engineer Karl Müller realized that both shoes and backache are unknown to the Masai tribesmen - and that there is a causal connection between these two facts. By walking barefoot on the natural, soft, uneven ground of their East African homeland, the Masai activate also those muscles that atrophy when one walks on hard, even surfaces wearing conventional shoes.

MBTs are a revolutionary footwear range first developed to cure back and joint problems and now proven to strengthen and tone legs, buttocks and stomach muscles, improve skin-boosting circulation, correct posture and reduce damaging joint loading. Don't be a slave to the gym - 10,000 stylish steps a day in your MBTs, will boost fitness levels and tone your body for a healthy lifestyle to suit you.

Source: swissmasai.co.ukAdded: 26 November 2008