To make Preshafruit fruits and juices, High PressureProcessing (HPP) is used. The "mechanism" of HPP is low energy - vitamins,texture and flavour are unchanged.

Preshafruit juices and fruithave been on quite a journey. Before they get to you, they are pressurisedPreshafruit fruits at 600MPa which is 6000 times the atmosphericpressure found at sea level or about 6 times more pressure than isfound at the bottom of the deepest part of the world's oceans, theMariana Trench 11 kilometres below sea level.

This pressureinactivates the vegetative micro organisms (bacteria, yeasts andmoulds) found in food while keeping the vitamins and bioactivecomponents such as those responsible for aroma and flavour unchanged.

Source: 15 February 2010