Fog security system

In case of a burglary, standard alarm systems like a siren or dial-through phone alarm will usually work just fine. But it often happens that the actual human intervention will only follow after a delay of about ten minutes. Burglars are very well aware of that and only need a few minutes to steal the valuable goods and get away in time.

BANDIT offers a unique solution to this continuously growing problem. For this apparatus is able to fill a room, store or office with a thick nontransparant fog. The fog will keep anyone from entering the room for at least 10 minutes after the alarm goes off, because they cannot see a thing. This fog had a soft mint smell, is colourless and disappears without leaving a trace.

BANDIT will be installed in the room(s) that contain the most valuable objects, thus limiting the possible damage to a strict minimum in a most effective way.

Source: bandit.beAdded: 28 June 2010