Inhale Your Vitamins

This asthma inhaler way of introducing vitamins to the body was invented by Harvard University biomedical engineer David Edwards. Le Whif introduced by inhaler gets into the bloodstream faster, but most importantly,the vitamins are not degraded as they would be by pill going through the stomach and intestinal track along with the breakdown process of the liver. Thus the breathable delivery system dissolves the vitamins into the highly absorbent tissue contained in your cheeks. Edwards,who also developed inhaler insulin and coffee processed a vitamin mixture into aerosol particulate matter along with a mixture of types of tea to make a more palatable product into an lipstick shaped inhaler. An attachment on top of the inhaler directs the flow of mist upwards away from the throat so that the user does'nt choke.

Source: hubpages.comAdded: 25 February 2011