InfiniteUSB is showing a tiny little pass through USB connector that always opens up a USB port when it occupies another, giving you effectively unlimited USB connectivity, or at least up to the ability of the USB bus to handle the devices.

There is a limit to how much power can be passed through devices this way, so InfiniteUSB handles that too. Each port has an external power adapter to supply the port and anything attached to it. This is both a plus and a negative of course, use enough of them and suddenly you have a lot more to worry about as far as available outlets go on your power bars, not less. But you shouldn't have to plug them all in, I wouldn't think.

The connectors are color-coded, which the designer claims makes collections of them more "vivid" and also assists users to categorize things, which I suppose never hurts.

Source: geekbeat.tvAdded: 10 March 2011