3D video surveillance system

Panoptic's proposed C-Thru 3D VideoSurveillance System could be loosely described as a formalised, scalableimplementation of Superman's X-ray vision. The system enables one or moresurveillance agents, using a single high resolution, auto-stereoscopic display,to remotely monitor the security situation of an arbitrarily large number oflocations at-a-glance. Agents can see, hear and transport their focusedviewpoint through walls, floors and ceilings, zooming into a specific locationto monitor it at a level so acute that it seems beyond the levels of evenscience fiction. Designed to enable both holistic site-wide and granular-levelsecurity, the system is ideal for monitoring airports, shipping ports, transitsites and other ports-of-entry, hotels, casinos, shopping malls, campuses,military bases, large buildings and building complexes, offering totalsituational awareness at a glance.
Keyelements/components of the Panoptic C-Thru surveillance system include: Concept of real time(stereoscopic) display of video-sprites of people and vehicles inside and amonguser navigable "transparent" 3D wire frames of building(s); buildingcomplexes or battlefield areas. * Usage of panoramic video imaging systems(instead of classic cameras) * Rapid production of 3D model of site/campusthrough reverse "volumetric painting" using DV camcorder-basedcapture system * Real-time dynamic fusion of panoramic video streams into 3Dmodel of site/campus/battlefield. * Real-time extraction of video imagery ofmoving and semi-static objects (people, vehicles, animals etc.) with livetransposition into 3D scenes. * Live video-based 3D tracking of moving objectswithin designated security-sensitive areas. * Autostereoscopic display foradded accuracy of depth perception by surveillance agent. * Intuitive 3Duser-interface for empowered analysis and management of security threats orbreaches, or battlefield situations (including 3C activities) * Optimizeddetection & remediation of surveillance coverage blind spots * Real-timedynamic fusion of video data from mobile cameras (on vehicles (e.g. securitypatrols or battlefield reconnaissance vehicles); helmet mounted; on micro-UAVsor small helium blimps;) * Integrated display of results from triangulationbased gunshot locator into the 3D model. * Alternative panoptic modes forsingle screen video only panoptic surveillance leveraging latent capacity ofhuman brain for massively parallel processing of defocused viewing combinedwith peripheral field-of-view imagery. * Integrated on going or on demandidentification through facial recognition against customer definable databaseof security sensitive persons. * Integration and correlation of multiple eventsfrom physical security monitoring systems.

Source: gizmag.co.ukAdded: 2 October 2006