Self standing walking stick, the Tango cane

The Tango cane is a culbuto walking stick, the first one which keeps standing at your side with exquisite elegance. Being developed by designers and doctors, it is a unique experience of comfort and security.

Developped by doctors and designers, Tango can keep standing by itself, while freeing your two hands. You do not need anymore to look for a place where to leave it, you just need to leave it standing up : Tango will stay up and ready to use.

When the cane fall, Tango stand up by an easy foot pressure on its base.

The natural swing motion of the Tango cane makes you walk with elegance. Tango is not an incovient walking stick, but a stylish fashion accessory that invites you to walk.

Source: medicalexpo.comAdded: 10 May 2012

Tags: healthcare