Extra Fuel, a safe gasoline reserve to keep in your trunk

Extra Fuel is an alternative to conventional gasoline that will run any petrol engine, yet is safe to take along. Extra Fuel is designed to be safe – not because of what is in it, but what isn't. The reason why gasoline is so dangerous to keep stored in a car is because it isn't one simple chemical. It’s a mixture of organic compounds and some of them, such as butane, pentane, hexane and heptane, are extremely volatile. They vaporize at relatively low temperatures and if stored in a vehicle on a hot day they can pop the vent on a storage can and fill the car with dangerous, flammable fumes.

Extra Fuel is produced in such a way that it does not contain those dangerous volatile components. Without these, the product produces “less pressure than a container of orange juice when exposed to high temperatures.” It also has a 10-year shelf life because, unlike conventional gasoline, it has no olefin, which breaks down into gum in improperly stored fuel. 

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 16 October 2012