SoloShot device and included tripod

'Robotic Cameraman' films your adventurers via GPS track

The SoloShot,  is a device that holds a camera on a tripod and points it automatically at the person (or object) that is wearing a small GPS transmitter. If you go alone to ski, surf, bike, or make football moves in a field, this is a product for you. It sounds odd, we know. Watch the video below if you’re intrigued, as it does a good job putting the device in context.

The device has a single purpose: To pan or track with the GPS signal transmitted from the armband unit. It cannot tilt or zoom a camera. Also, the armband device does not give any control to start, pause, or stop — you’re rolling all the time until you get back to the SoloShot device.

Source: gearjunkie.comAdded: 18 February 2013