Next-Gen Video Game Controller

Valve’s innovative new video game controller could change how we play games. Instead of thumb-sticks, the new controller uses two touch trackpads which Valve says come close to the precision of a mouse and keyboard.

The controller is designed to work with all types of games, from strategy titles to first-person shooters. And, most importantly, the gamepad will be compatible with every single title on Steam, even those originally incompatible with controllers.

Other neat features include a central touchscreen/button. When using the touchscreen an overlay appears over the game you’re playing and you can scroll through menus, browse maps, etc. You need to actually click to select something, however, making accidental touch actions a non-issue.

The controller itself is entirely symmetrical and can be easily switched to function as left or right handed.

Source: forbes.comAdded: 10 October 2013