Magnetic Field Reduces Beer Foam

It’s every beer drinker’s worst nightmare: You set your bottle down on a table and open it, only for the drink to foam up and come shooting out, drenching the table and most likely you as well. But that nightmare might soon become a thing of the past thanks to an unlikely source: magnets.

Belgian researchers have used magnets to make beer less foamy. Applying a magnetic field made antifoaming agents more effective. The field is applied when hops extract is added to beer's malt base. This prevents it from attracting too much CO2 - which causes foam.

The method was so effective that much lower amounts of hops extract were needed, reducing the cost of brewing the beer in the first place. The method takes just one minute and could make beer cheaper - as less hops extract is needed to prevent the formation of foam

Source: 18 December 2014