Node Power Outlet

The Node Power Outlet is clever and useful at the came time.  MetaPhys of Japan has created a new style of electrical outlet which gets rid of many of the problem of traditional outlets. The two dual grooves curving around the wall plate are live with electricity in every inch. You can plug-in your lights, chargers, and other gear at any spot. Think about how much easier this could make like with your cell phone charger, MP3 charger, and other plug-in devices. The will not consume the entire outlet by covering up the other plug, since the other plug is the entire wall plate.

Currently these Node Power Outlets are only being sold in Japan, but you can grab one through the MetaPhys website, if you can read Japanese. Some people worry about the safety of this unique plug-in system, but in reality it is just a safe as any other outlet.  It would still require inserting something into the outlet to get shocked.  The only difference is the amount of outlet space available.  In some ways these stylish outlets may be less prone to grabbing your child’s attention.

Source: crnchy.comAdded: 6 March 2015

Tags: electronics