Double-Use Drink Bottle

Double-Use Drink Bottle

Decathlon has launched Aptonia – a patented bottle that allows the user to choose between plain water and isotonic drinks.

Aptonia’s Double Use system allows the user to switche between water and an isotonic drink, simply by adjusting the drinking spout.

Decathlon said: “During prolonged sporting activity, hydration requirements can vary. Between water and sports drink, it’s sometimes difficult to know what to take with you. With the Double Use system, you can choose what to drink in one click: you can switch between water and different strength sports drinks thanks to three concentration options and an exclusive pod system.

“So, looking for energy when you only have water or for refreshment when your bottle is filled with a sports drink is a thing of the past. With the Double Use System you no longer have to choose.”

The Aptonia Double Use system uses “pods” to allow different concentrations of energy solution to be available to the user.

Source: foodbev.comAdded: 14 October 2015