Book With Removable Pages

Book With Removable Pages

The Rekonect is a novel new notebook with magnetic pages you can remove and reattach. It’s much like a binder, but in sleek notebook form.

It might be the best notebook idea since the notebook.

How’s that?

First, the Rekonect is the answer to every perfectionists dilemma: paralysis about what to fill it with. With pages you can remove and rearrange, the book guarantees each page turn is filled with the very best stuff in the right order.

Second, since you can pull pages out of the book, you can draw or write on a nice flat surface without working around the book binding. That feature will make any lefties smile too.

The faux leather cover and elastic strap hide the secret magnetic spine that holds each page inside. Books come in 60 or 120 page versions, with additional packs of 120 or 240 sheets that featuring lines, dots, plain or graph paper.

Source: visualnews.comAdded: 9 December 2015

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