Eco-Dent toothpowder

Liquids and gels are banned from carry-on baggage on airplanes, making it tough on anyone without checked baggage to do everyday things like brushing their teeth. Eco-DenT has a solution: their toothpowder is an airplane-safe way to keep up dental hygiene without having to buy a new tube every time you step off a plane. Eco-DenT Toothpowder's travel pack contains 15 1-day packs of toothpowder; each pack is sufficient for two brushings. The convenient pouches fit easily into a pocket, purse, wallet, backpack, fanny pack, attaché case or other travel bag. Because it's "toothpaste" in powder form, it isn't restricted by the airlines, leaving you free to brush your teeth as you please without having to stash it in checked luggage and hope it makes it to the other side.

Source: eco-dent.comAdded: 3 January 2007