Copyboard prints directly and saves to USB dongles

Using an optical sensor placed behind a large white screen, the M-11can output your boss or teacher's scribbly diagrams to either anattached laser printer or an included USB drive, all without the extracost of a computer and projector. Needless to say, the M-11's printouts will likely just result in even more ignored paperwork than usual,but thanks to the cost saving nature of the system, at least you'll beable to miss assignments and deadlines safe in the knowledge that yourschool or business saved money setting them. A printer must bepurchased separately, although it seems as if the Plus Vision guys haveseen fit to make it work with more than one specific model. The USBport dumps PNG files straight to any type of flash drive, so anyone inthe room with a personal dongle should be able to pick up your ideas ina relatively hassle free manner.

Source: everythingusb.comAdded: 29 January 2007