FF88 fire resistant coating

FF88 is a unique fire resistant coating proven to withstand extreme temperatures (more than 2000°F) and resist fires for over 2 hours. FF88 is the first intumescent coating to provide fire retardance and fire resistance to a wide variety of materials such as sheetrock, wood, concrete, sheet metal, foam, composite panels, fiberglass and carbon graphite. Firefree 88 is applied as a paint, is waterbased, non-toxic and has been fully tested and approved for a wide variety of construction and transportation assemblies.

So, how does FF88 work? When temperatures get above 300 degrees, the paint gives off gas that creates a "foam char". This provides insulation, slowing the transfer of heat, and blocks oxygen, preventing a structure from igniting. Ceramic fibres within the paint also seem to help reflect heat away from the walls.

Source: firefree.comAdded: 7 July 2008