Video still of the DARPA foam being injected

DARPA develops inject-able foam to stop internal bleeding

It’s almost inevitable for a soldier to assume he may be severely injured one day during their tour of duty as danger can be found nearly anywhere. When a soldier receives internal injuries, stabilizing them for transportation is vital to their survival, but very difficult to accomplish in the middle of a battlefield.

Darpa has introduced its Wound Stasis System that uses an injectable foam to stop internal bleeding. The foam can be administered to the injured soldier by way of an injection that combines two liquids. When the liquids combine, it produces a foam that expands 30 times its original volume and solidifies to stop the internal bleeding in order to move the soldier to receive proper medical care. Once the solider is safe and can be taken care of, surgeons can remove the foam in less than a minute with very few fragments left behind.

The foam has received extensive testing and has been known to stop severe hemorrhaging for up to three hours with the survival rate at the three-hour mark increasing from eight percent to 72 percent.

Source: ubergizmo.comAdded: 14 December 2012