Ring Translates Hand Movements Into Spoken Words

A winner of the coveted red dot awards for design concept in 2013, Sign Language Ring is a device that detects sign language motion and "translates" that to voice by emitting audio through a speaker.

Comprising a bracelet and set of detachable rings worn on select fingers, Sign Language Ring was inspired by Buddhist prayer beads, according to its six designers from Asia University. The wearable device can also translate voice to text, transcribing spoken language picked up by a microphone into text that's displayed on the bracelet's screen.

Users have the option to pre-record signing movements and assign words to them, a feature that's especially handy since not all sign languages are the same. For example, British and American sign languages are vastly different even though both countries speak English. Furthermore, in the U.S., Black American sign language has distinct differences rooted in segregated education systems.

Source: fastcompany.comAdded: 3 December 2013

Tags: healthcare