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Phone With A Curved Edge Display

Phone With A Curved Edge Display

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is essentially a Galaxy Note 4 with a special curved display on the edge of the phone. The Edge display works entirely independently of the regular screen, while at the same time offering contextual controls based on whatever app you’re using.

For instance, if you’re in the camera app, the camera’s controls will appear on the Edge display. If you’re using the S Note app, controls for drawing, text, etc. will show up on the Edge display. If you have music playing, controls for seek, volume, and pause/play will show up there.

However, if you’re simply just using the phone like normal, the Edge display will show a list of your favorite apps. The tray of apps is totally customizable via the settings icon on the bottom of the Edge display.

The Edge display (Super AMOLED) is independently scrollable, and gives you options to see a ticker for sports, stock quotes, weather, and more. At night, users can have the phone display off and turn on an “Alarm Clock” mode that shows the time on the edge display only, mimicking a table-side alarm clock.

Source: techcrunch.comAdded: 22 September 2014

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