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Rolling Knife

Rolling Knife

The kitchen knife is getting a makeover with a new design featuring a circular grip for improved ergonomics and versatility. Called Bolo, the designers tweaked the traditional knife design to change the movement of the blade and the way the user interacts with it.

Bolo's creator, chef Randall Cornfield, says the angle of the blade and the grip on the handle in traditional knives put too much stress on the wrist and hand. With the Bolo, the user applies the force of their hand above the blade, this way avoiding unnatural movements with hand and wrist. The placement of the grip around a circular blade is also claimed to enable more precise cutting.

The rolling knife can double as a chopper by holding its blade brake. It also includes an optional pastry blade to cut through dough more easily, and a tenderizer blade for meat. The Bolo knife is dishwasher safe, and the blade can be removed by opening the bolt for a thorough clean.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 5 January 2016

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