OrthoGlide for knees

Alexian BrothersHospital in Illinois, is proudly reporting theavailability of a new minimally invasive option for osteoarthritis sufferers. TheOrthoGlide medial knee implant by Advanced Bio-Surfaces Inc., aspin-off of University of Minnesota, is anoption for patients who have exhausted non-surgical therapies, and are not inneed of total or partial knee replacement.TheOrthoGlide implant is a device used for patients who have exhausted all otherconventional therapies and yet are not ready for a more invasive total kneereplacement (TKR). The OrthoGlide is a metallic medial hemiarthroplasty implantused to reduce pain and discomfort, and to correct angular abnormalities in patientswith osteoarthritis of the medial compartment of the knee. The smooth glidepath, and fixation by the posterior lip provide a low friction, stable implantthat can be implanted by a minimally invasive technique. Our system alsoincludes a kit of patented accessories used to optimize proper fitting of theOrthoGlide implant during the surgical procedure.

Source: advbiosurf.comAdded: 3 November 2006